Our Coffee - Current Offerings

All the coffee we choose to roast is high quality, fair trade organic (FTO). Our favorite coffee characteristics lead to a very approachable cup. Rich flavors, pleasing aromatics, smooth and balanced usually with a touch of sweetness is what we like and what we offer to you.

Brazil  *Limited Release* What a special coffee. A cup of this medium roast is sweet and nutty with hints of lemon and chocolate. It has a medium body, moderate acidity and a clean smooth finish. Try this one as cold brew - you will not be disappointed!

Colombia  Our medium roast Colombia is sweet and balanced with notes of  caramel, brown sugar, apple and citrus. When you think “coffee” you usually think coffee from Colombia because it's a classic. It is high quality and has an unmistakably rich aroma that rises from the cup.

Hudson Valley Blend  *Our most popular coffee* This medium roast is a blend of beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Sumatra. The blend creates a cup with a medium body and low to medium acidity, with notes of chocolate, nuts, spices, and a hint of citrus. Perfect as a breakfast blend and our go-to coffee for cold brew. A real crowd pleaser! 

Mexico Decaf  This coffee has a smooth body, a pleasant acidity, and a subtle sweetness with notes of chocolate, berries and nuts. Roasted medium-dark to allow for something extra special for those who enjoy the taste of coffee but want to avoid caffeine.

Nicaragua  *Our darkest offering and top seller at local farmers markets* Our flagship coffee is a melange (mixture) of dark and medium roasts. This creates a complex, consistent, and versatile cup of coffee that is well-balanced and delicious whatever brewing method you choose. Our Nicaragua coffee has a very pleasant and balanced flavor ranging from mild fruitiness, hints of chocolate, and a toasty nutty finish.  

Peru  *Limited Release* A cup of this medium roast features a light to medium body with bright acidity and subtle notes of rich chocolate and peanut flavors. Sweet and well-balanced it makes a very pleasing and drinkable cup. We REALLY enjoy this one. Yum!

Sumatra  Our medium roast offers a rich and earthy flavor profile, boasting hints of deep cocoa, smoky undertones, and a whisper of spice. With each sip you'll experience the unique character of Sumatra's beans, an adventure in every cup!