Our Choice - Sustainability

Why we choose fair trade organic (FTO) coffee? 

We made a decision to only use fair trade organic coffee beans because it feels right.

Fair trade because it benefits the farmers who grow our coffee. We love coffee so why not pay a little extra to support the farmers who work hard to grow it. A fair price provides a better life for the farmers, improves their communities, allows for sustainable farming practices and supports the continued production of excellent coffee!

Organic because we care about the earth. By buying organic coffee we are protecting the earth and supporting areas that value the sustainability of their land and coffee. Organic farming practices lead to cleaner beans and a healthier atmosphere. By not using synthetic fertilizers or chemicals during growing and production of the beans, the land, air and water are not being polluted or damaged. Naturally grown unharmed beans are higher in nutrients and produce a more rich and flavorful coffee. If we protect the earth, it will produce more coffee!

We care about where our coffee comes from, how it is grown and how the farmers who grow it are treated and compensated.  

Next time you are drinking coffee from Hudson Valley Coffee Company think of the positive impact you have on the world because you made the right choice. Small things can make a difference!